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Colac Herd Improvement - ID: 210 Colac Herd Improvement Co-operative Limited is an organisation dedicated to serving the herd testing (milk-recording) and cattle breeding needs of farmers in Western Victoria. Herd Testing provides milk yield and management information on individual cows together with comprehensive reports to make decision making both accurate and timely.

Growing Canola - ID: 236 In Victoria, canola is grown mainly in the regions known as the Wimmera, (annual rainfall 375 - 450 mm), the North-central and North-eastern Regions (typically in districts with 500 mm annual rainfall) and the southern part of the Mallee.

Drum Master - ID: 241 drumMUSTER is a national program for the collection and recycling of empty, cleaned, non-returnable containers that have held surfactants, dairy chemicals, liquid fertilisers and other non-hazardous farm chemicals.

Country Hour - ID: 245 Visit the ABC Rural Directory for telephone numbers and addresses for Rural reporters and programs ot to read the profiles of ABC Rural reporters, producers and presenters. ABC Rural welcomes your comments, questions or feedback. We also take complaints about our coverage seriously.

Incitec Pivot - ID: 247 Fertiliser helps Australian producers achieve the productivity they need to compete in global markets. Incitec Pivot plays a leading role in the manufacture and supply of fertiliser to farmers in Australia's eastern and southern States. We understand that farming is more than just a business it is a lifestyle.

Corangamite Landcare - ID: 353 There are around 130 Landcare and other community based natural resource management groups in the Corangamite CMA region, comprising at least 3000 members. These groups also engage the support of many non-member volunteers on various occasions. Some of these local groups have formed alliances and networks.

Australian Farming Information - ID: 399 Farmers Info - Australia's Leading Farming Information Source the internet portal specifically developed for the Australian farmer is going a great addition to the toolkit of the Australia's rural community. Whatever you need for the farm you will find it at Australian Farming Information.

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